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We take data protection - yours and ours - seriously. Data at Cloudpacking is stored offline in order to limit the potential for any kind of security breach. When orders are placed through the website, they are sent via email to our email account to be processed and are not stored on the website.

The personal information you supply on your booking submission form will not be disclosed outside of Cloudpacking. By default, we store your details but should you wish for them to be removed, just let us know and we will do so immediately.

The email address you provide may be used to communicate any changes and improvements to the site and service. You will have the option to decline to receive any further emails of this nature with each message.

Information is automatically logged about your browsing throughout this site. It is in an aggregate form, and no individual user is identified. The aggregated data allows us to analyse site traffic and better understand how we can improve our services.

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