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Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly is Cloudpacking?

It is like packing, but much easier and with more fun in store during your stay.
Cloudpacking allows you to rent vacation suitcases full of clothes in your size from brands popular with locals and delivers them to your hotel. Unless you decide to purchase items from the suitcase, the suitcase and all of its contents are collected again at the end of your stay or of the rental period.
The premise of Cloudpacking is to save you the hassle of dragging a suitcase full of clothes you already wear regularly, (so a bit boring!) while travelling to give you the chance of exploring the French way of life through a different lens. Allowing you to dress local (and even shower local) since toiletries are included in the suitcase.
Almost like a journey within your journey, a valuable addition to your trip to France.

What are the typical contents of the suitcase you will provide?

  • A full weather appropriate outfit for each day of your stay
  • Nightwear
  • Shoes (optional)
  • Coat, gloves, scarf and hat (optional)
  • Hairdryer, styling iron (optional)
  • A full set of gender specific toiletries (Cotton buds, nail file, razor, make up remover wipes, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, moisturizer)

But what will my suitcase contain specifically?

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive by email the itemized list of contents of your suitcase.

What if I don't like the clothes?

We stick to a very tasteful mix of classic styles and whatever is in fashion in France, so this should not be a worry. The French are not known for their wild or outrageous dress sense. We hope you will see this as a great opportunity to be curious and perhaps try wearing a style you wouldn't usually wear! If there are any items you have an aversion to, simply let us know when you place your order.

Will the clothes in my cloudpacked suitcase be new?

They may be. If they are not, they will have been professionally cleaned and be in pristine condition.

What about underwear?

There are three options:

  1. you may bring your own or
  2. we will provide the suitcase with new basic comfortable underwear bought for your purpose which you can then take back with you or
  3. we will provide the suitcase with new basic comfortable underwear bought for your purpose which will then be disposed of

What happens when I leave?

All the clothes you used go into a laundry bag provided in the suitcase, a checklist in the suitcase ensures all the contents have been returned to the suitcase. The suitcase will be collected from your hotel on the day of your departure and you will be wearing the clothes you arrived in to make your way back home. Within the next 10 days, your deposit will be returned to you provided no damage has occurred.

What if I fall in love? (- with a skirt from the suitcase)

Should you want to purchase an item, you can consult the price list provided in the suitcase. Alternatively, the same list tells you where you can find each item so you can order it directly from the retailer if you wish. A separate bill from the original rental one will be drawn up to cover the extra charge.

Will the clothes be from brands I know?

Maybe! We try to stick to French or at least European brands popular with locals.

How do I know the sizing will be correct?

Clothes and shoes are purchased from trusted retailers. Obviously, it is important we get the correct clothes and shoe size from you but while there is a small risk an item might not be a perfect fit for you, it is no greater than when buying from big name online stores.

How long in advance must I book my cloudpacked suitcase?

The sooner the better. You will need to have booked your hotel and have a booking reference. Your order must reach us at least 10 days before the required date of delivery. If you need a cloudpacked suitcase at short notice, get in touch directly by email. We can take orders up to a year ahead, as long as you have booked your hotel.

What if my plans change?

You can cancel your order free of charge up to 10 days before the scheduled day of delivery. If you wish to cancel later than this, we will refund 50% of the price of the suitcase. Please note however, no refund can be given if your cancellation reaches us less than 24 hours before the scheduled day of delivery since your suitcase will already be on its way. In all cases, your deposit will be returned in its entirety.

What if I damage something?

None of the clothes are haute couture, so if an item cannot be salvaged, you will not need to sell your home to pay for it. We do however need to cover the cost of replacing it and that is why we require a deposit when you place your order.

I am going to be enjoying specific activities (hiking, opera, beach, church, swimming, etc.) during my stay. Can you provide customized suitcase contents?

Given enough time, we can tailor the contents of your cloudpacked suitcase to your vacation activity schedule.

What is the maximum number of days for which I can place an order for a cloudpacked suitcase?

We can provide up to 10 days worth of clothes in a suitcase. If you are staying for longer, you can order a second suitcase at the same time as the first one, to be delivered to your hotel on the day of your choice.

How much does Cloudpacking cost?

Our prices include everything - French clothes, French toiletries, delivery and pick up anywhere in France, sales tax - not to mention a dedicated packer whose name and phone number appear on the list of contents inside your suitcase. When you place an order, you will be charged an additional 50% in deposit to cover potential damage, which is returned to you after the suitcase has been collected again. Please see our 'Prices' page for more information.

I am tempted, could I just get a quote?

Of course! If you would just like a general idea, you can get a quote from our 'Prices' page. If you would like a more precise figure, just use our 'Book a suitcase' form and select "I would like a quote" at the top of the form. We'll be happy to get back to you with the exact price for your suitcase.

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